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Wanna Be Only Me encourages women to share their testimonies, and opinions regardless of whether or not she is a professional writer. All artistic levels of expression are accepted. Submissions can vary from topics such as natural hair care, poems, DIY projects, healthy living, personal testimonies, love/relationships, poetry, culture, and entertainment.

Full terms and conditions can be found here, below are the general requirements:


Articles should be at least 200 words in length. Although it is NOT required, up to three supporting links directing away from WBOM will be accepted per article. However, blatant advertising will not be accepted.


Articles will be edited to match the website’s style when it is reviewed so there is no need to focus on formatting.

Article Topics:

 The article topics are as followed; Natural Hair Care, DIY Projects, Poetry, Healthy Living, Love and Relationships, Culture, Entertainment, Personal Testimonies, or anything that empowers women. Articles should be original and informative with benificial content so that readers leave WBOM with more knowledge on a given topic. Article subjects will be created by the contributing author, or assigned by WBOM.


WBOM reserves the right to edit your article, which includes adding links, editing titles and text to improve clarity.


All articles will include a “writer bio section” that attachés a link to your blog/website. Writing for WBOM can increase the popularity of your own blog/site and increase your site’s traffic.

Author Rights:

 We request exclusive worldwide electronic rights to publish the articles on You will be given credit for your work in your “writer bio section”.

Owning a blog or having proof of your work is a plus but it is not a requirment.

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