90ae1a_2a89d0a887494e66a6e87cab1bc6e301~mv2C. Lovely (Liss) is the creator of Wanna Be Only Me. She graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science and a minor in Nutrition. Her long-term goals consist of opening a Pediatric Physical Therapy center because it is a combination of her two passions; working with children, and health education.

She also loves empowering and instilling a sense of self-worth in young women and girls. Liss believes it’s important for women to feel confident in the “skin they are in” by embracing the blessings God has given them.

Wanna Be Only Me means everything to Liss because she is able to reach out to a diverse group of women. She enjoys giving women an opportunity to share their testimonies so they know that they are not alone in their trials and tribulations.

Favorite quote: “I am too blessed to be stressed”

90ae1a_a4788291b754403282f5cb337a05a9f6Zaria Jenee is an electronic studio major that has a passion for art and photography. She believes that at young ages, kids need to be inspired to be more than physically beautiful. She stresses the importance of diversity and representation reaching younger kids. This exposure will give children with all different backgrounds a role model to look up to. Zaria started blogging in 2013 as an outlet to write about anything and everything that she finds interesting.

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