What Am I Really Protecting? My Heart or My Ego?

I can’t let down my guard because when I do I start to experience this little thing called deja vu. They leave me, cheat on me, lose interest in me…but why? Am I bringing this on myself or is it just not my time?

You see, now I have to protect my heart because I don’t want to feel this pain again…It’s too much to bear. Crying for hours, locking myself away from the rest of the world…from those who actually care about me. I don’t even recognize myself.

Is it easier to just avoid falling in love or is it worth it to take a leap of faith? I don’t have the answer, but this natural caution can easily turn into a brutal defense system. This defense will make it hard to connect with anyone else that may try to come into my life keeping me away from love indefinatley…all because I couldn’t let my guard down. What am I really protecting by building this wall? My heart or my ego? Continue reading


I Don’t Date Black Girls!


How does it make you feel when you hear black men say “I don’t date black women, I only like white girls”? I don’t know about you, but that used to really upset me. While insulting me, those men are also insulting every black woman in their family. There is no doubt that that man is experiencing some form of self hate.

I remember in high school some of the black guys would go as far as saying:

“I will date any other race except black.”

“Black girls are at the bottom of the food chain, even below black men.” 

“They are double negatives.” 

Then they would start listing all the reasons why black girls are at the bottom of the food chain (ex: hair texture, harder for us to get jobs, stereotypes, too ghetto, always angry, to independent, how society views us, etc.) Hearing these things would break my heart and when I tried to fight back nothing ever worked because they had their mind set on never dating a black woman. Continue reading


              The idea that I need a man in order to be happy has affected me in the past, but luckily I was able to change that mindset and positively impact my life. It’s a great feeling to know I can live a fulfilling, happy, and successful life on my own without depending on a partner to get me there. I am not saying that I am an independent woman who DOESN’T NEED a man, but I am an independent woman who IS CONTENT in being on her own. HOWEVER, having a man is a wonderful bonus that can be added to my life.

             In class my teacher talked about healthy relationships and she said, “It’s sad how some women only feel happy when they are in a relationship. Women need to learn how to entertain themselves instead of waiting for a man to do it for them. It’s not healthy for a woman to seek out her self-worth through a man”. For example, it’s an issue when a woman doesn’t feel pretty unless she has confirmation from her boyfriend. Women too often get involved in bad relationships and stay there due to the belief that she is not good enough to find a better man, or she needs her partner in order to feel “complete”.

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Love Voucher Ideas that will put a smile on your loved one’s face. These ideas can be altered in any way to better fit the needs of your partner.


Take Away The Stress

This section is all about what de-stresses your partner. Think about things that make him/her relax. 



1. Cheat.

If you are that unhappy with your relationship then you need to end it before starting a new one. That way your new relationship isn’t built on lies and you can walk out of your old relationship with dignity.

2. Wait for your partner to break up with you

Dragging on this process will make both of you miserable. You can’t expect for your partner to have magical powers that alert them of your unhappiness. If your partner doesn’t notice a problem in the relationship, they won’t have a reason to break up with you. Plain and simple.

3. Blame the breakup on them.

 “I just want you to be happy, I feel like I’m holding you back”. This is the biggest load of crap! Don’t use your partner as an excuse to break up because they know what you’re doing… they are not dumb.

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Looking for the perfect guy?

Longing for that special someone?

The single life isn’t for everyone and that is perfectly fine!

These tips will help you on your journey to finding Mr. Right.


Desperately looking for a man is simply pathetic and you’ll receive attention for the wrong reasons. You don’t want to seem too available. Instead, live your life, be happy with who you are as a person, and let things happen naturally. Once your focus shifts from “relationship goals” you’ll find that the perfect person will eventually appear right before your very eyes.


Nobody is perfect and the sooner you understand that the better. It’s okay to set high standards but, looking for the “perfect guy” will set you up for disappointment. Instead, make it a point to find a man that accepts you for who you are and you feel comfortable around because it’s true that there is someone out there for everyone.

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