Why I Love Tori Kelly (Unbreakable Tour)

The Tori Kelly concert was an amazing uplifting experience! I absolutely adore her not only because of her amazing vocals, but because she produces quality music. All of her songs tell stories and have deeper meanings. For instance, at her concert she told us that the song, Something Beautiful was created at a time when she was in a dark place. This just shows me that no matter what obstacles Tori is confronted with, she does not give up.

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Oh My Lanta It’s 2015!

Wow! it’s finally 2015 and as I’m bringing in the New Year with my family I can’t help but feel like time is flying away from me. I’m overcome with feelings of anxiousness due to the anticipation of entering the next chapter of my life. I want to arrive with an open mind and leave with many accomplishments. I like to track my goals and record my success because it’s enjoyable to watch my progress. This is not just a modification for the year of 2015, it’s more of a lifestyle change that I will adapt until further notice. 🙂

Here are a few of the many goals I will complete before the end of 2015.

1. read more books

I’ve always admired those who can dive into a book on a park bench. Those people who read for fun or because they are bored on a road trip. So this year I’m going to find books that grab my attention and read them. Continue reading

I laugh in The Face of Danger (Your fear of looking stupid is holding you back)

90ae1a_4f382c429cc4414b88a37b8552b75458.png Yes, I have many fears ,but I never let them hold me back. I challenge my fears by deliberately confronting them. This serves as a constant reminder that I am capable of so much more than I give myself credit for. I remove myself from my comfort zone in order to enter a foreign world.

For example, my fear of public speaking haunted me for ages. So in order to overcome that fear I put myself in situations that required me to speak in front of a crow. I volunteered to be a team leader (spokes person), participated in a pageant, and much more Continue reading

Think It Into Existence!

“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.”
-Michael Jordan

I am truly excited to share with you a concept that has had a big impact on my life. My mom always tells me “if you want to achieve something you have to think it into existence.  Don’t allow yourself to have negative thoughts because they will be apparent in your actions. Always think positive!”

I used to find myself thinking negatively about things such as my appearance and as a result I had low confidence/self-esteem. I had negative thoughts about my capabilities in school assuming that I would fail a test before I even had a chance to look at it and therefore I would not perform as well as I could have. During spring track my mind was set on the idea that I was the slowest runner in the whole group and that is exactly what I became. Continue reading


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Motivation is not something that can be given to you by some external source. It is derived from within and there is no secret method to achieving it. Everyone, even the most motivated people can find themselves feeling unambitious at times.


1. Stop Making Excuses.

Understand that YOU are in control of YOUR OWN destiny and nobody can motivate you but yourself. Excuses are often used to place blame on circumstances beyond our control so that we don’t feel guilty. In order to focus on future success, take responsibility for your actions by believing that you have the power to influence your situations and environments. Don’t blame others or fate to escape taking ownership of your mistakes and failures. Blaming external sources is a clever method we use to protect our self-image, but it is holding us back from our true potential. Compile a list of the excuses you make, figure out why you make them, and then work on how to stop making them. Continue reading



I don’t know what possessed me to create a bucket list, but I am so happy I did. My list helps me prioritize and figure out what’s important to me. I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I cross something off of my list. For example, I wanted to get over my HUGE PHOBIA of public speaking so I put “be in a pageant” on my bucket list. I admired how poise and elegant pageant women were and I’ve always wanted to try it. Never in a million years would I have thought I could do it….but I did. That pageant ended up being one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I plan on doing more pageants! I strongly encourage starting a bucket list…even if you don’t have a lot of goals at first. You can always add them along the way!

Bucket List Ideas:
1. Overcoming a fear
2. Places you want to travel to
3. Accomplishing something that is really important to you Continue reading