I can’t do this. Why am I putting myself through this torture again? Eh, just start fresh and try again tomorrow. Is it even worth it? That chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is calling your name—no screaming—screaming your name! All of these negative thoughts try to keep me away from greatness by flooding my brain with doubt. Fortunately, I’ve found ways to override my brain’s negativity. 

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During high school cheerleading practice, we completed several different sets of exercises. We started with sit ups, following with suicides, next pushups and so on and so forth. I wouldn’t push myself all the way for the first exercise because I was too busy anticipating the amount of energy I would need for the next exercise.  I was saving my energy and strength for the next workout so I wouldn’t be too tired to complete it.  

My cheerleading coach told me something I will never forget. She said to focus on one exercise at a time. She wanted me to put everything I had into each exercise set because I would ALWAYS find the energy to continue the rest of the workout. I would ALWAYS find the energy somewhere inside of me to make it home to my bed to rest so I might as well work as hard as I could during practice. 

Also, while working out, I remind myself that this moment is only a small portion of the timeline entitled ‘the rest of my life’. I won’t be in pain 50 years from now let alone 1 week after the completion of this workout so I just need to push! read more


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