What Is A Hot Oil Treatment?

Massaging heated oil onto the hair and scalp to moisturize dry hair and treat/prevent damaged hair.


What Is The Point?

What’s the point of adding oil to the hair if it’s just going to be washed out two minutes later? Well, washing the hair can involve a lot of manipulation and stress on the hair strands. Shampooing the hair, especially with shampo containing sulfate can strip the hair of its natural moisture. A hot oil treatment prepares the cuticle for manipulation while helping with moisture retention by protecting the hair from the dryness shampoo can cause.

What Are The Benefits?

  1. Smoothes the cuticle

  2. Softens dry and rough hair

  3. Seals moisture into hai

  4. Restores hair’s shine

  5. Helps prevent split ends

  6. Strengthens hair before washing

  7. Moisturizes dry hair and scalp

  8. Controls dandruff

  9. Restores moisture balance

  10. Prevents breakage

  11. Balances hair’s ph levels

  12. Tames flyaway ends


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