Supporting Black & Minority-Owned Businesses

Before I begin I am in no way, shape or form telling people not shop at white-owned businesses. I am merely expressing the importance of supporting black and minority-owned businesses.

African-Americans as a community need to stop blindly throwing away all their money. They need to reevaluate their spending strategies by directing their money towards more black and minority-owned businesses. Their money needs to be spent in more places where they see a representation of themselves and their culture. It’s smart to shop locally in areas where  owners of stores are black. African Americans need to uplift their people so that they can have a chance to be as successful as other businesses. For example, instead of constantly eating McDonald’s (WHICH IS NOT HEALTHY ANY WAY!), go to Ben’s Chili Bowl and enjoy their delicious food. Taking action by supporting black-owned businesses will have a big influence on the development of black communities, as well as their employment availability.

Although this is a step towards the right direction, there is more to “supporting blacks and minorities” than shopping in black-owned stores in a local neighborhood. It’s important to look for black-owned enterprises through sources such as B.E. 100s lists. Black Enterprise magazine lists the nation’s top black-owned industrial/services companies, auto dealers, banks, advertising agencies, asset managers, insurance carriers, and private equity firms.

Black Enterprise Magazine Lists


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