Dreads and Afros Are Not Appropriate For School

        This story is very upsetting because a little girl is now traumatized for merely attending school with dreadlocks.

A 7-year-old girl named Tiana was sent home from her school in Oklahoma for having “the wrong hair style”. She was told that dreadlocks, afros, and mohawks were too distracting for the respectful and serious atmosphere that the school strives for.
After I watched the video the vision of this baby crying and saying “They didn’t like my dreads” kept appearing in my head.

I was offended by the school’s decision because as a child I remember wearing hairstyles similar to Tiana’s. Although my hair wasn’t dreaded it might as well have been because my twists resembled locs 100%. In order to “tame”/style our afros we braid, twist, and loc our hair. Now, if both afros and dreads/twists are not acceptable in this school I don’t understand what other hair style they expected Tiana to wear. Their statement could only mean one thing, they want her to wear her hair straight and that rule would completely take away her rights.


For those of you who feel the same way I do, you can make a difference and uplift Tiana by leaving her an inspirational message here: click here


4 thoughts on “Dreads and Afros Are Not Appropriate For School

  1. Skatsz says:

    This makes me so angry! Its clear that the school wants this child ruin her natural hair (the hair that grows from her scalp) in order to make them feel comfortable. & since when is an Afro deemed “faddish” ugh the country yo.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. nafrobelle says:

    I know this post isn’t new, but I absolutely hate to see things like this. I’m currently in the process of freeforming a set of locs (which has actually inspired me to blog about it), and I can’t stress the importance of spaces like this enough. Black girls/women need to know that they have a support system even when they’re not weaved up or relaxed (not that there is anything wrong with wearing one’s hair that way).


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