Although, I can look back and laugh at these comments now, at the time they put me in very uncomfortable situations! I’ve heard it all, but I am still baffled by some of the ridiculous questions/comments I get from people. Here are some of the most annoying natural hair questions that I’ve come across:

  1. Your hair looks just like shoelaces! Can I tie them? (referring to box braids)

  2. How’d you get your hair to grow so fast? Is that your real hair or…?

  3. Did you get a haircut?

  4. You’re wearing your hair…like that?

  5. I love your hair! Yeah, the straight hair looks so much better on you!

  6. How exactly do you wash your hair? Can you use the same shampoo as me? or nah?

  7. Can I touch your hair?!… Oh my gosh, I just had to touch it!

  8. How’d you get your hair so poofy!

  9. Do you ever wish you had straight, silky, perfect, hair…like me?

  10. So now that you’re natural what are you going to do with your hair…?

What have you experienced? What is your most hated natural hair question? What comments do you dread hearing? How do you respond to and deal with these ignorant questions. Leave your comments below.


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