Going natural has been an amazing journey that I wouldn’t change  for the world. It has been fun learning how to care for my hair, while watching it grow long and healthy. Going natural can be fairly easy if  it’s done correctly



From 5th grade through 8th grade I wore braid extensions back to back with no breaks in between. I hated wearing my natural hair so much that I decided to get a perm my freshman year of high school. In my eyes my hair was too short, and  it was too thick which made it hard to manage (everyone complained about having to style it). I even went as far as refusing to leave the house unless my hair was braided because my friends had never seen my natural hair and I didn’t want them too.

Once I got a perm I went from hearing people complaining about how thick my hair was, too how thin it became. My hair went through a complete transformation and I was in shock. I loved having a perm because styling was less time consuming, there were no painful knots, I could go swimming without it puffing up, and it would be straight 24/7. However,  my hair was unhealthy from tons of dry split ends. Every time I went for a touch up my beautician would have to cut my ends so much that it took away from the length that my new growth JUST created. At the beginning of my senior year I decided I was going to grow healthy permed hair which ended up working nicely. I had a lot of improvement and tons of growth.

At the end of my senior year I remember having the hardest time deciding whether or not I was going to go natural. I would research and watch countless YouTube videos about different hair textures, natural hair styles, natural hair care, and transitions to natural hair before I finally decided that I wanted to grow out my perm. Although some people were not supportive of my decision, I didn’t care because in the long run my opinion was the only one that mattered and I was going natural regardless!!!

I’ve been transitioning for over a year now and I “big chopped” January 2014. Overall, going natural has had its challenges but it has also been so much fun for me. I am overjoyed that I decided to do it. Although I sometimes miss my perm, like when I straighten my hair for a party and it’s a frizzy frizball by the end of the night…..I would never put a perm back in my hair!…EVER! Everyone is different because while some love their natural hair, others hate taking care of it and would prefer a perm. So if you are trying to figure out whether or not you want to go natural just pray on it and don’t take anyone else’s opinion into consideration because at the end of the day it’s YOUR HAIR!



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