Gift baskets are a creative way to show someone who you care and actually put time/effort into their special day. Gift baskets are packed full with so much fun stuff so it’s enjoyable to receive. There’s no greater joy than seeing a loved one light up when you place that present in their hands.





Will this be for a birthday? An anniversary? How about for Christmas? The occasion can aid in the selection of a theme, a color scheme, a basket that will hold all the items, or what items will fill the basket.

I used a birthday theme. 


Pick a nice color combination by using the person’s favorite colors or matching a theme. For example, use green and red if you’re implementing a Christmas theme.

My color scheme was green, black and blue because that was the person’s favorite colors. 


The gifts in the basket can be as costly or inexpensive as you’d like as long as you put thought to the items. Collect some little trinkets to fill up the basket (key chains, lip gloss, candles, notepads, hand soaps, lotion) as well as some favored foods and candies.

I filled the basket with gift cards, a bracelet charm, candy, POM juice, chips, a bookmark with a sentimental quote, sunglasses, framed photo, and various wrapped gifts.  


Gather your supplies. A majority of the decorations can be bought from craft stores, like Michael’s Arts and Crafts store. You can visit Dollar Tree, the Hallmark Store or Plaza for these items as well. BE CREATIVE and Grab anything that will bring your gift basket to life.

I purchased the following from Michael’s: a basket, ribbon, construction paper, birthday stickers, confetti (to base the basket), and clothespins.


Make sure that everything is visible. You want the basket to look full so don’t have any hidden items.

To do this I put larger objects in the back of the basket and used clothespins to lift up other items in order to give them exposure.


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